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Honda Z600 Coupe Sets Bonneville Record

Microcars are on a roll! First a duo of Subaru 360s finishes 1-2 in their class in the Liége-Brescia-Liége, and now a Honda Z600 has broken the 600cc class land speed record at Bonneville Speed Week. We first came across … Continue reading


Subaru 360 Wins Class in Liége-Brescia-Liége Rally

Two UK-based teams have taken first and second place in the Spirit 425cc Class of the Liége-Brescia-Liége microcar rally. Covering 2000 miles through Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy and Slovenia, these little kei cars even conquered the Stelvio (not Kev’s dream … Continue reading

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Happy 50th Birthday, Subaru

Greetings, Pleiads! Today we help Subaru celebrate 50 years in the automaking business. What’s that you say? How can Subaru be celebrating their 50th birthday when back in 2003, they already partied hearty and released a slew of 50th Anniversary … Continue reading


Subaru of America 40th Anniversary

We apologize for the short notice, but we just discovered Subaru of America will be celebrating their 40th anniversary at the Philadelphia Auto Show. A small show, yes, but Philly is right next door to Subaru’s Cherry Hill, NJ headquarters. … Continue reading

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JNC In Japan: Day 1

We took NWA, but the food wasn’t very good. If you have a choice, we recommend Public Enemy Air. Our man in Japan Satoshi picked us up in his slammed 1995 Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear Super Exceed. It’s got 0 … Continue reading


Now With 55% Less Domain

From the Less Is More Bureau, it has come to our attention that can be hard to spell rather annoying to type out in its entirety. So for the 2008 model, our weight reduction engineers have put the domain … Continue reading

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Get a Life

Here’s a rare bird, spotted by our resident Honda head reader colhogen, who heroically posted it in our forum. It’s an ultra-rare 1974 Honda Life, which, in Honda genealogy, succeeded the N360 and N600, and spawned variations such as the … Continue reading


EVENTS: Norm Reeves Honda Show

Hondas, if you please [LINK]

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Honda T500 Catalog

Someone at Winding Road loves the Honda T-series.  We can’t really blame them.  What’s not to love about a 9000rpm kei-class truck that’s also historically significant for being Honda’s first four-wheeled vehicle?  Check out the catalog scan – in English! … Continue reading

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Daihatsu JDM Memorial Editions

On Monday, Japan’s small car specialist unveiled three limited edtions of its lineup.  As regular readers know, 2007 marks a whole century of Daihatsu, and to celebrate their 100th Anniversary the company is rolling out a fleet of Memorial Edition … Continue reading

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