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Datsun 510 Reborn, in Hot Wheels Form

Like, OMG. Back in July, we reported that a vintage import was on its way into the Hot Wheels lineup. Well here it is, the Datsun 510! And it looks fantastic, with a BRE-style front spoiler, fender flares, and perfect … Continue reading


JNC In Japan: Day 4

Fun fact: 80% of Tokyo’s mass consists of vending machines, convenience stores, and arcades with coin-operated capsule dispensers. This is all an effort to drive the sales of mystery boxes, which ranks 4th in Japan’s top 10 industries, right between … Continue reading


I'm In Ur Kar, De4min Itz Proporshuns

If there’s one thing the Japanese love, it’s superdeformation. Do not be alarmed. That simply means the superdeformee’s features are exaggerated to give it a cartoonish, caricatured look. Everything from animals to anime characters get the treatment, and even inanimate … Continue reading


Economies of Scale

When we were kids, we’d scuff up furniture, walls, floors, ceilings and anything else our parents valued with hundreds of little metal cars. Of course, in the US that meant Matchbox or Hot Wheels, and for a brief while, Pocket … Continue reading

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