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The Real Deal

As you may know, there are stacks of C10 Skyline GT-R “lookalikes” in Japan. However, it’s not often that an authentic specimen (PGC10 or KPGC10) comes up for sale to the public. Not only are they very rare, but most … Continue reading

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One of the most annoying thing for any classic JDM fanatic living outside of Japan is seeing all of these 400×300 jpgs on the net, knowing that in all probability you won’t be able to find a decent wallpaper-sized version, … Continue reading

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J-Spec goes old school

Every now and then, J-Spec Imports strays from the standard R32s, Soarers, and so forth, and goes mental and lists a pile of awesome JDM classics. Today is such a day. Check out these rides currently on offer. Beats scouring … Continue reading


Lachy’s Picture of Relatively Modest Amusement #1

A sumo in a Subaru 360. Well, not in, but almost. I’m not sure whether they’d actually be able to close the door… [1024×768] [1280×1024]

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Classics on a Budget

We all have a dream JDM classic. Perhaps yours is a beautifully restored Toyota 2000GT, or maybe something retrotech like an awesome RB-powered C10 Skyline or nutcase 20B-powered RX-3. Whatever it may be, chances are these dreams usually never eventuate … Continue reading


Happy Birthday Van!

In celebration of Van’s birthday, I’m actually posting something. haha. Happy birthday big fella, here are a couple of wallpapers I hope you & everybody else will enjoy!


Toyota Century Lovin’

Andy’s first car was a Suzuki Swift “Xtreme”. It was silver with yellow stickers down the side proclaiming the car’s “Xtreme”ness. It was a good little car, but even before he got it home from the dealer he was thinking … Continue reading



We’re always on the lookout for interesting JDM classics for sale – and today we have an especially unique car for sale in New South Wales, Australia. Steve’s “RB30ZED” is a famously (in Z circles) straight, clean and otherwise simply … Continue reading

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1967 Toyota 2000GT

Perhaps the ultimate – and undoubtedly the first – JDM Supercar, the Toyota 2000GT has in the past few years become more well known and appreciated outside of Japan, sending its value through the roof. Not that it was ever … Continue reading

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