More from the Tokyo Auto Salon

Speedhunters was at the Tokyo Auto Salon last weekend, and one of the many galleries they’ve assembled happens to cover the old school cars that were there. Perfect!

The biggest concentration of classics came from the G-Works booth, like this retro street racer style Nissan Fairlady Z, complete with G-nose, Techno Shadows, fender flares, racing number set askew, and awesome purple paint.

They also had this restoration project kenmeri Skyline on display to show off the craftsmanship.

And check out their E70 Corolla, with a perfect stance sitting on black Wats.

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5 Responses to More from the Tokyo Auto Salon

  1. Dan said:

    These guys need to come to SEMA!

  2. Nigel said:

    The Z is insane, and it is not that usaul brown/maroon colour.
    Wish my old Corolla looked like that black one.

  3. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) said:

    These cars gave me butterfly’s in my stomach!

  4. kingtoy said:

    I love the colro on that Corolla, kinda a cross between olive green and coco

  5. Rob said:

    you guys have to stop with these cars, i’m running low on kidneys! ill take the corolla

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